Lady Gaga Applause Vs. Katy Perry Roar (BFMIX Mashup)

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Lady Gaga Applause Vs. Katy Perry Roar 


(Remix By BFMIX)



(Mash Up, Electro, House, DubStep & Dance Music Remix) 

 By Fayssal BEL ➔ ⒷⒻ ⓜⓘⓧ





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Applause (Original by Lady Gaga)

Roar (Original by Katy Perry)


Katy Perry - Roar (BFMIX Remix) 

Katy Perry - Roar (Doidle's Remix)

Lady Gaga - Applause (Alessio Silvestro Remix)




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Lady Gaga Applause Vs. Katy Perry Roar (BFMIX Remix / Mashup)
Lady Gaga Applause Vs. Katy Perry Roar (BFMIX Remix / Mashup)
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